Steven Harry Mason is a Vocalist, Composer, Sound Designer and Sound Artist.

He began composing and performing music in 1988 with YOUR ICON. Having gone through a number of line up and instrumentation changes over a period of ten years, YOUR ICON released their first and only album to date “Solitary Man: Bring me the head of a God” released in 1998 on backtothewomb records. 
Other releases of note during this time were in 1996 with the song “To You” recorded for Nature and Organisation on which Steven sang vocals.

After finishing UCE Art College in 2001 Steven went on to study Sonic Arts at Middlesex University gaining a BAhons. Both During and after this Steven performed around London exploring improvisation utilising self-generative feedback systems under the name o(h)m lightning. Steven also completed his durational time specific composition; Night: A Study for Listening after Dark 1.0 under the name orphansunlight.

In 2006 Steven created two Sound Installations “Gallery Transmission 1.0” for The Attender at La Viande London and Shards = 2.3 for Trauma and Art: Shards of Delineating Absence at Spielraum Berlin.

Around the end of 2007 Steven began working on a series of songs and music for an ongoing “slow release” album under the umbrella title “Liminous” which is presently his main focus. However in 2009 he Composed Music and Sound Design for the media performance installation “Lilith’s Rain” by Chilean Theatre Director Liliana Garcia. And from 2011 until 2013 Steven worked as Composer and Sound Designer with Panta Rei Theatre on two productions centred around Cervantes novel Don Quixote directed by Chiara D’anna. Rocinante! Rocinante! at the CLF Theatre London in 2011 and Don Quixote! Don Quixote! at The Pleasance as part of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2012.